Author: Dan Freedman

Dan Freedman is the Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs at Lionsgate Films. This is his unique (?) perspective on baseball, and how the same oftentimes relates to life.


THAT JUST CAN’T HAPPEN  Over the past few years, I have seen my son strike out looking with runners on base in late innings situations.  And each time I have the same response: “that just can’t happen”. I coach my son’s travel team, and I find myself saying, on a weekly basis, after one pratfall…

By Dan Freedman October 10, 2014 0


THROW BACK MONDAY The cycle of life.  Everything that’s old is new again.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Every dog has its day. I awoke this morning and went deep into my closet to pull out my Guess flap-pocket jeans. They were right next to the double-collared Izod shirt and…

By Dan Freedman October 6, 2014 0

October Madness Begins (in September)

Yesterday was the tipping point.  Actually, Tuesday night got me to the edge, and Wednesday my colleagues pushed me over the edge.  I had to start writing. Bill Simmons started his “Boston Sports Guy” blog in the 90s to give a “regular fan’s perspective” on sports.  He has never avoided his biases nor held his…

By Dan Freedman October 3, 2014 0