Month: March 2015


HOWE WILL JOSH’S STORY END? As I think I may have mentioned here in the past, each morning, before I even put two feet on the floor, I check Peter Gammons’ “Around the Majors” blog.  He always have useful tidbits from the day before, and loads of advanced metrics that even true baseball nerds would…

By Dan Freedman March 14, 2015 0

Opening Gay (A Conversation)

OPENING GAY (A Conversation) Daniel Murphy, the Mets second baseman, skipped Opening Day last season to be with his wife for the birth of their first child.  He got a ton a flak for that in the New York media – as would be expected as they give flak for essentially anything.  At the time…

By Dan Freedman March 11, 2015 1


LIFE LESSONS The crack of the bat. The pop of the glove. The smell of the grass. The click of the smart phone? Ah, Spring Training is here. If you are wondering which of the above is not like the other, you may have missed the current brouhaha involving Curt Schilling and his daughter, Gabby.…

By Dan Freedman March 5, 2015 0