Month: September 2015


ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE During these Days of Awe, I have been inspired to write a little off-topic.  I hope that does not offend too many of you (and if it does, I will atone), but I felt compelled to delve into the personal, even if just for a few hundred/thousand words. As I have mentioned…

By Dan Freedman September 23, 2015 0


WHILE YOU WEREN’T WATCHING While most of America settled in for their first weekend of football, and others watched the finals of the U.S. Open, and a religious few spent time setting the table for Erev Rosh Hashana, the fine folks of MLB were playing some of the most exciting baseball of the Summer.  Over…

By Dan Freedman September 15, 2015 0


FAULTY MATH If you have ever coached a Little League game, you are all too well acquainted with pitch counts.  Have a kid throw more than twenty pitches, he can’t go tomorrow.  Ride him for 85, and he is “burned” for the next four days.  Ironically, as a coach, you are often more attuned to…

By Dan Freedman September 10, 2015 0