Author: Dan Freedman

Dan Freedman is the Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs at Lionsgate Films. This is his unique (?) perspective on baseball, and how the same oftentimes relates to life.


THROW BACK MONDAY The cycle of life.  Everything that’s old is new again.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Every dog has its day. I awoke this morning and went deep into my closet to pull out my Guess flap-pocket jeans. They were right next to the double-collared Izod shirt and…

By Dan Freedman October 6, 2014 0

October Madness Begins (in September)

Yesterday was the tipping point.  Actually, Tuesday night got me to the edge, and Wednesday my colleagues pushed me over the edge.  I had to start writing. Bill Simmons started his “Boston Sports Guy” blog in the 90s to give a “regular fan’s perspective” on sports.  He has never avoided his biases nor held his…

By Dan Freedman October 3, 2014 0