Month: September 2016


THE VOICE OF GENERATIONS In the world of psychology, it is a given that the sense of smell is the most evocative of prior experiences.  Who am I to dispute the science?  But if sense of smell is number one, for me, the sense of hearing is a close second.  I can hear a horn,…

By Dan Freedman September 28, 2016 0


RACISTS IN OUR MIDST Colin Kaepernick is on the cover of this week’s Time Magazine.  Did he win a Super Bowl, or save a drowning baby?  No.  He merely took a knee.  A small gesture, no larger or physically more significant than raising a gloved hand to the sky.  But sometimes small gestures have a…

By Dan Freedman September 23, 2016 0

7 Innings is Perfect…Enough

I have previously written about the excitement and anticipation of sitting in the stands watching a no-hitter.  How the crowd holds its collective breath on every pitch; how the fielders focus their attention just a little more; how the manager wears a hole pacing the dugout. For those of you paying attention to my prior…

By Dan Freedman September 16, 2016 0