Month: June 2016


EXORCISING DEMONS On October 16, 2003, Aaron “F*&^%ng” Boone added to the Boston lore by hitting a walk-off, game-winning, series-ending homerun in the bottom of the 11th inning, sending the Yankees to the World Series and the Red Sox home without a championship for the 85th consecutive year. The Boston faithful had reason for hope…

By Dan Freedman June 19, 2016 0


EATING CASH Eating cash is the new eating crow.  I am not sure when the tide turned and teams decided it was better to eat cash and release or trade a player rather than rolling him out day after day (or start after start) and suffer the indignity of a deal gone bad.  But it…

By Dan Freedman June 10, 2016 0


Last week we set out to determine which team was carrying the worst contracts for the 2016 season.  As we saw, there were many contenders.  We ended by making reference to the great value in Noah Syndergaard’s $535K deal.  The great news for baseball owners and GMs is that there are many more Thor-like contracts…

By Dan Freedman June 6, 2016 0