Month: July 2016


THE JOY OF OWNERSHIP So you want to own a baseball team?  Who doesn’t?  We sit in the stands, we sit on the couch, we think we have all the answers. More cogent player personnel decisions, check. A more efficient parking system at the stadium, check. Cheaper beer, of course. A better variety of food,…

By Dan Freedman July 29, 2016 0


KEEPING SCORE We all know the old adage: The difference between a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter is a hit a week.  One minor duck fart, quark, Baltimore Chop, Texas Leaguer, or frozen rope per week, and a guy is on his way to All-Star games and the possibility of mega-riches; one less and…

By Dan Freedman July 13, 2016 0